Our Philosophy

To live a life filled with excellent health, vitality & joy one must begin to release & unlearn the subconscious programs preventing us from achieving self-mastery. These programs reside in our tissue, meridians, energy centers, auric & quantum field. We take a multidimensional, natural approach to your well being.

Woke Earth


We provide a variety of therapeutic modalities that assist the body in assisting itself. These modalities include CranioSacral Therapy for Traumatic Brain injury (concussions), pediatrics, infants & omninatal, as well as our signature custom Mind Body Spirit series for a complete reset. We utilize the following tools as called for by your body: hot stones, cryotherapy, halotherapy, aromatherapy, sound therapy, reflexology, meridian clearing, chakra balancing, sacred geometry, chromotherapy & Shamanic energy work. 

for your complimentary consultation.

Council of Divine Evolution


The Council of Divine Evolution is a synergistic collaboration of women entrepreneur, educators, health & holistic wellness professionals. Our goal is to provide our viewers with experiential & evidence-based information to enhance a more sustainable and compassionate evolutionary process for humankind.

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